Jill Macchiaverna

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Jill Macchiaverna is the Director of Community Development at Exaptive, Inc. Ms. Macchiaverna researches to find industries and organizations that would find value in being part of the Exaptive community, creates educational videos, articles, and interactive content to engage the Exaptive community, and channels customer feedback to developers and engineers to ensure customer success. She administers a grant-funded research project in which Exaptive intends to identify the effects of integrative software on team formation and performance. Prior to joining Exaptive, Ms. Macchiaverna spent seven years as an entrepreneur in video production and a decade as a producer of broadcast news in cities large and small. She earned a Digital Media Certificate from Louisiana State University-Shreveport, and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Spanish and an emphasis in Communication from the Mississippi University for Women.


Facilitating Collaboration: the Sticky Note Exercise

How do you pick who works together? Usually it’s based on some common ground. It turns out we should consider our differences a bit more. Try it this session in a fun 20-minute team building exercise.